Cardiolund has delivered an AI-based system for outcome prediction

The project for developing AI-based system for outcome prediction is completed, and Cardiolund has delivered a performant system that is being integrated into the Coala Life medical device products.

The project was partly financed by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) through a research grant) to project partnership between Cardiolund, Coala Life and Region Gävleborg.

The delivered software is an AI-based system for outcome prediction, specifically trained for predicting atrial fibrillation, but the system can be extended to include prediction of other cardiac diseases.

The AI-based system includes several machine learning models that are developed and trained on individual patient profiles with known outcomes. A patient profile gathers rich content from the patient's ECGs recorded with Coala Heart Monitor and analysed using the Cardiolund ECG Parser.

The software enables an individualized and prevention-oriented heart screening for users in their home environment. The user can get an early warning when hearth rhythm or beat deviations are interpreted by the outcome prediction model to indicate an elevated risk of cardiac disease. An early warning provides the opportunity for an early reaction by the individual, the warning can motivate the individual to engage in a preventive effort of reducing risk factors. The ultimate goal is to improve the heart health of the individual, and the public health in general.