Cardiolund provides a range of services, including custom software development, as described on this page. If you have any questions, or want to enquire about our services, please contact us.

Product related services

Cardiolund provides services related to our products, such as customization of the software to particular customer requirements, and adaption of the algorithms to work with specific hardware features.

Our product related services also includes support and documentation for the purpose of CE-marking ECG devices integrating our software. This can also include our participation in system design and tuning, and participation in clinical trials for validating clinical performance.

Custom algorithm development

Cardiolund performs custom development of algorithms, such as development of custom signal analysis algorithms for any type of biological signals.

We are experts in signal analysis of ECG signals, and we also have significant experience with developing signal analysis software related to analysis of heart sound (Phono-Cardiograms, PCGs), eye movements (gaze tracking), and other bio-signals.

We are also proficient in application of established algorithms for scientific computing, including data-fitting, nonlinear-optimization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques.

Systems for distributed scientific computing

Cardiolund have acquired signficant experience related to building scalable cloud-infrastructure for performing scientific calculations. We make this expertise available for our customers through consulting and development projects.

We can take part in your system design and development process of a distributed system for scientific computing, and we can help develop solutions that will work in such environments.