Cardiolund provides software products for advanced ECG analysis, as described on this page. If you have any questions, or want to enquired about our products, please contact us.

Our products are described briefly below, but follow these links for more detailed product pages:

  • ECG Parser: Software for automated ECG beats and rhytm analysis
  • AFR Tracker: Clinical reasearch software for tracking the atrial fibrillatory frequency (AFR)

ECG Parser

The ECG Parser software provides a thorough rhythm analysis of ECG recordings with 1 to 12 leads and durations of ten seconds up to days or weeks. The ECG Parser

  • Identifies beats and groups them into beat classes with different morphologies.
  • Analyses the beat sequence in detail providing markers for a wide range of events.
  • Calculation of standard measures such as Heart rate, RR variability, and the RR corrected QT interval (QTc) is included, as well as R tag and QT interval markers for presentation in a user interface.
  • Performs robust interval measurements based on averaged beats, and categorises the signals or signal segment into one of 12 categories for efficient identification of important cases in large databases or important segments in long recordings.

The parsing process produces a wealth of metadata decribing the contents of the recording, including the pre-processed ECG signal, average beats and associated measures, beat markers and beat classification, and markers and counters for short/long beats, SVES/VES, AV block II and longer pauses, faster or slower sequences, bigemini/trigemini as well as segments of irregularity. The metadata can be used for generating reports, creating plots of calculation results, and for display in a user interface.

The output of the ECG Parser is provided in a machine-readable format, and it is therefore well-prepared for subsequent statistical analysis, and also for applying machine learning and articifical intelligence techniques.

The ECG Parser is meant for integration with other software, and therefore it does not provide a graphical user interface, nor does it contain software for data capture and storage.

The software can be customised and extended to provide different types of analysis reports, but it can also serve as an analysis platform supporting your device’s own user interface. The analysis reporting can be adapted to fit your specific requirements, e.g., localisation to specific languages.

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AFR Tracker

The AFR Tracker is an extension to the ECG Parser, specifically for 12 lead ECG signals, which provides calculation of the atrial fibrillatory frequency (AFR), i.e., the repetition rate of the atrial fibrillatory signal in the ECG.

The software analyses the atrial frequency with a second-to-second resolution, which can be averaged to one value per minute, or to AFR trends over several hour long drug response evaluations, or even to several days long Holter recordings.

In addition to the output of the ECG parser, the AFR tracker provides AFR trends as well as segment-wise average and standard deviation over time of AFR. In order to calculate AFR, a lead with a relatively strong atrial signal is needed. Lead V1 is the most commonly used but other leads have been successfully used as well including Holter leads. AFR cannot be calculated from thumb-ECG signals.

AFR Tracker consists of the three analysis stages AF detection, QRST cancellation and sequential frequency tracking. A QRST cancelled residual ECG signal is provided as an optional output.

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