ECG Parser version 2.1 is released

The new version 2.1 of the Cardiolund ECG Parser is released today. The focus of this release is on providing system integration using dynamic link libraries in native code (no runtime required) on all major platforms and operating systems.

Other new features include:

  • Faster analysis of long signals by parallel (multi-processing) analysis of signal segments.
  • Unified APIs across platforms: Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Multi-language integration options: Python, Java and .Net (Windows only)
  • P-wave marker for the individual beats.
  • Lead quality assessment per segment (relevant for multi-lead recordings).
  • A new analysis mode provides adaptions to deal with the noise/artifacts in multi-lead ECG recordings performed when patient is not at rest, such as mobile Holter recordings. The adaptions include automatic lead quality assessment, and more restrictive criteria in SVES/VES detection.
  • Option to perform additional interval measurements on individual beats.
  • VFib detection

This release also provides improved beat and rhythm classification performance, which is documented according to the EN 60601-2-47 and ANSI/AAMI EC57 standard requirements.

Read about the ECG Parser on the product page, or contact us for more information.