ECG Parser version 2.3 is released

Today the Cardiolund ECG Parser version 2.3 is released with performance improvements to beat detection, interval measurements, and classification of ectopic beats, resulting in significant performance enhancements to the rhythm analysis.

The new release provides:

  • Improvements to beat detection sensitivity and precision, by better handling of disturbances and noise, with particular improvements for signals with large T-waves.
  • Improvements to interval measurements to fulfil IEC 61601-2-25 standard requirements as well as QT measurement performance improvements on very fast and slow rhythm.
  • Adjusted limits and criteria used in ectopic beat detection to significantly improve detection of single, couplet and runs of ectopic beats.
  • Improvements to AF and VF detection performance for multi-lead signals.
  • Adjustments to stimulus (pacing) detection to increase detection performance and stim cancellation.

Read about the ECG Parser on the product page, or contact us for more information.